kit danowski


Examples of research and documentation are here (or will be). 

Often the process of documentation becomes material for new work. This is part of a developing theoretical framework that I am calling hauntological (a little bit after Derrida but differant).

The dead speak through us, when we talk and when we write, and I have found that this is also true in performance. Ghosts can slip in and out (they do what they want because they're ghosts). There's more to it than that, of course. 

Some recent work:

Traces: Reflections on Practice and Pan(dem)ic in the First Wave in Ecumenica

Manifesto: Theatre for the Dead in Global Performance Studies 

Review of Patricia Ybarra's 'Latinx Theatre in the Times of Neoliberalism' in Hispanic Research Journal 

Trance Art and Other Possessions (with Laura Gonzalez) in Else