kit danowski



I make performance work in small spaces, where there is a high level of intimacy between the performer and the spectator. Often the work takes on cultural myth and mythos (Ophelia, madness, love and gravity and balance) and inserts pop culture poppiness, with a backbeat that is rooted (haha*) in ritual. This is not performance of ritual, it is ritual for performance, so you may not see what you are looking for (if you happen to be wearing a pith helmet). It is an intellectual, spiritual, and often transcendant experience, but there are also usually dance breaks, like when it's 11:30 and the club is jumpin jumpin.

*laughing not at roots but at the pun. ok some roots are funny too. ahaha. 

Like lots of us these days, I'm working with media, projection and sometimes audio, experimenting with how the live and the digital might speak to each other, particularly in ritual-driven contexts. Sometimes the digital speaks to itself, because every machine has ghosts, and we are desiring machines, or glitches, or both, all and none of the above.

This work, like any performance work, is difficult to document, but we have to try. Because grants and papers and stuff like that. So here there is some documentation: there are samples you can look at (if you really want to get closer to that feeling of being in the performance, it's best to view these with a script in front of you, and also some copal or sage burning close by, ). The thumbnails below will take you to video samples from my work. Someday the photos will match the video exactly (which I like), but right now it's random (and I like that, too).

HEATHERING (kind of a dance mix version of things) 
TYING (from r&j/VOID)
more links posted soon...I'm updating this and it's summer and I like to nap.